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What is a drone?

  A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, abbreviated UAV. A UAV is a robotic device with a camera, which is controlled by a human pilot remotely via a computer or using a remote control unit. With recent innovation in the field we got more diverse models which can also swim. These days flying or floating drone is no longer unusual, they fit tightly into our daily lives and are often necessary to perform everyday tasks. Initially drones were made for military purposes. Even the legendary Nikola Tesla had a hand in developing it. Although, it was not exactly a UAV, but a boat that could be controlled remotely.

The first UAV appeared in 1935 and in the same year it was called a drone because of a sound similar to the humming of a bumblebee. So far the name has not changed.

How are drones useful and what can they do?

  In the modern world, everything happens quickly. There is no time to waste. Online shopping is charging the innovation with the orders being delivered almost instantly. Wait a week? What are you from the Stone Age? Companies such as Amazon, DHL, and Google began using drones for courier needs, they wonderfully carry books and magazines, pizza and beer, and various light goods.

For farmers drones have also become indispensable helpers. They can spray fertilizer or follow the herds of animals. Photographers use drones for photo and video shooting. Now professionals can take pictures and videos of any kind. Anything from celebrations and holidays but also use drones for filming in places that are inaccessible or dangerous to humans (war, fire, earthquakes). For journalists it's just a godsend.

Drones are capable of flying over long distances. Amateur drones on average can fly 100-300 meters, however, more advanced drones can fly 5 to 7 kilometers, and possibly more.

One of the significant drawbacks of the amateur device is the battery, which has a limited capacity and restricts fly time. Scientists and developers are working on new technologies to pack the most electrical juice in the smallest possible container. In the meantime visit our accessory page and get yourself a couple of spare batteries.

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