How to safely fly drone in America without breaking the law.

Drones are not uncommon now and everyone around them stopped paying attention to them, and it would seem that you can launch your drone wherever it pleases, but this is not so.

Each country and each city has its own flight altitude restrictions and unmanned zones. Without knowing these rules, you can easily break the law and pay a huge fine or lose your quadcopter. Do you need it? Whatever happened, we decided to tell you how to fly safely and without violating state laws.

First of all, before flying, you need to visit the state site FAADroneZone to register your drone.

You will be given the choice of registration: Part 107 or Section 336.
What should you register and how do they differ?

107 is a commercial use or hobby. And 336 is just a hobby. In most cases, all register 107 taking into account the fact that in the future they plan to upload videos to YouTube and other services. It is also worth noting that 336 allows you to not add your drone’s ID to the database and thus is more anonymous than 107. On the Federal Aviation Service website there is a more detailed description that you can read, but we will not consider and describe all of this, but take into account only the most necessary. For example, if your drone lost control and flew to someone in a window or car, or even worse in person, then at registration 107 you will easily find, and at registration 336 if you did not indicate Id dron, then you will most likely not be found. We call for the rational use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Registration will take you no more than 5 minutes and you will have to pay a fee of $ 5. After that you will need to print the resulting number and somehow fix it on the drone. Sold special Drone ID Sticker. It can be glued to any place of the drone, but so that the sticker would be available without disassembling the aircraft: on the front or back of the drone, under the battery, and so on. You can also indicate your phone number, in case of loss of the drone you will be able to contact you and return your item to you. Well, can this be?

Well, now you can safely fly. But you also need to know where to fly. For example, the DJI website has a map that shows all the unmanned zones of your state. indicate your location on the map and see where it is forbidden to fly. It is very convenient. Immediately it is necessary to stipulate that you can not fly over the airports, national parks and near them. But if you submit requests for flights near airports, you can get permission for this. And then you can fly there and shoot without any problems. And the rest of the restricted areas see for yourself.

It is believed that you can not fly above 400 feet, but this is not quite so. In fact, you cannot fly above 400 feet above the highest point of the tallest object. That is, for example, there is a skyscraper next to 500 feet, which means you can safely fly 900 feet, and this is legal. Also, when flying from 100 to 400 feet, you can fly over private property absolutely legally.

And that’s all. We hope that we were able to convey to you this useful information and you will not violate the laws. Good and safe flights.

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March 12, 2019

Thank you very much for the information. I have several drones and have been flying for 2 years now. But the fact that it is necessary to register them did not know. Now I will do it.

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