Top 5 budget quadcopters with a good camera

To date, drones are so tightly integrated into our daily lives that it is unlikely that anyone can be interested in a drone without a camera. Drones are already more turned into flying cameras, whose manufacturers are fighting for the quality of the picture. In the market of drones now just a huge number of quadrocopters with a camera. And how to choose which one is better and with which camera?

We decided to look into this issue and share with you. That would not torment you much we decided to reduce the list of candidates to five and limit the budget to 200.e. Because in this price segment are drones that are the best suited for the first purchase and to obtain the first flight experience. And having learned to control the BPA and shoot beautiful shots, you will be able to choose a more expensive and technological drone. Agreed? Go then further.

The selection took place according to several criteria, namely: price, quality, functionality, as well as the quality of video and photo material obtained with their help. Since we also need to choose the best option inexpensive drone with a good camera. Right? Well, let’s get started.

5. WLToys Q333A

In fifth place, we decided to place the drone WLToys Q333A.

This is the 2016 model. WLToys is a well-known manufacturer of radio-controlled toys and models. Q333A is very similar to the well-known top drone from the company DJI Inspire and perhaps this he won the recognition of consumers. It is made of high quality, has excellent flight performance, despite the fact that it is on the collector motors, has a FPV 5.8 GHz and excellent in its price segment camera that allows you to make good shots.

There are three versions of this drone model: A (5.8 GHz FPV)/B (Wi-Fi FPV)/C (without FPV).

The drone has a built-in 720p camera. On all three versions of the shooting quality is good. From the available functions there is a Headless mode, as well as the function of returning home without GPS. The maximum FPV distance is about 100 meters. The drone has a 2nd lithium-polymer battery capacity of 2000 mAh. You can fly it for a maximum of 10 minutes. For version A you will have to pay an average of $ 160.

Of the minuses of this model is to highlight two points: the small resource of the motors and the distance of removal. And so, in General, a good drone.

4. Cheerson CX-35

On the 4th place in our ranking is a drone from the time-tested brand Cheerson CX-35. The cost of this model is only $120, for the money you get: a quality quadcopter on the collector motors with a 2MP camera that can shoot 1080x720r. Due to the suspension of the camera with electric drive, it can change the vertical angle remotely, ie with the remote control. It also has FPV at 5.8 GHz. In the package with the drone you also get a full control panel with 4.3 inch display, its resolution is 480x272r. From the modes are: auto-fly and landing, altitude hold using the built-in barometer (without GPS), as well as there is a mode of return to the control panel.

Like the previous drone Cheerson CX-35 is equipped with two lithium-polymer batteries, but with a smaller capacity – 1200 mAh. Therefore, the maximum time for flights is 7 minutes. The maximum FPV distance is up to 100 meters.

Of the minuses of this model it is worth noting the small resource of engines, the lack of GPS, as well as the lack of spare blades in the delivery set. But what do you want for $120.

3. Syma X8G

In third place of our rating is no less well-known brand Syma, but rather the drone Syma X8G, which in a short period of existence managed to win the hearts of many. It is also worth noting its similarity with the premium phantom drone from the company DJI. This copter is not killed has excellent handling along with vertical thrust. This drone will easily lift any action camera from The gopro Arsenal. And the quadcopter is equipped with a centerless suspension under the action camera of this type. Also, the camera is equipped with an excellent 8MP camera, which is capable of shooting in 720 and 1080p modes. Although the quality of the video/photo honestly say you have to average. So it makes more sense to use a third – party camera from GoPro. The X8G has a 6-axis gyro, Headless mode and a return to the control panel. The battery here are like the WLToys Q333A, 2 lithium-polymer batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh. And the flight time is the same. You can fly it for a maximum of 10 minutes. But unlike previous models, this drone has a maximum distance of 200 meters. That’s better than that. The cost of this drone ranges from $120 to $140.

Cons: requires constant balancing of the rotor, as in previous drones small resource collector motors and this Quad does not like windy weather, so if you are planning to shoot in quite windy weather, it probably would be better not to do it.

2. Syma X8HG

In second place is surely no less popular drone from the eighth series of Syma X8HG. The main difference between it and the previous model is a bright red color, a barometric sensor is installed on Board, this is not bad, since now this model has a height hold function. The camera and batteries in this model remained the same. The maximum distance of removal-200 meters.

The price for this model ranges from $ 140 to $200. But before you buy this drone think whether you are ready to pay for the red color and barometric sensor. Cons are the same as the model X8G. You still can’t fly in the wind. If you are a resident of Antarctica or Norway, then forget about this drone, except that it can be allowed at home or in a Yurt).


And in the first place is firmly stuck on a budget drone from JJRC the company. It is perfect for the first experience with drones. This kid already has brushless motors, a good FPV camera running at 5.8 GHz. He sposoben can get up to 108 km/h. can You imagine this speed. It has a two-pack lithium polymer battery capacity of 1300 mAh, but in FPV mode you will be able to fly it for up to 10 minutes and it is very cool. The maximum distance of removal-350 meters and it also can not but rejoice. It will cost this frisky kid $ 160, but it’s worth it.

Of the minuses is to replace that stock rotors, because of their quality, should immediately be replaced by a better, just not GPS module and no Headless mode.

And in General this is a very good and fast drone.

Write in the comments what in your opinion the best drone with a camera in this price segment.

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