Top 5 DJI quadcopters of 2019

Drone or a quadcopter is not just a toy anymore.  It’s now a tool for creating media content, delivery of cargo and parcels, and indispensable assistant in agricultural and construction applications.  Today the selection is so broad that choosing something that fits your need becomes incredibly difficult.  Almost everyone has heard about DJI, and this is not accidental, as it is the leading drones manufacturer on the market.  This company has become famous for its original, high-tech and high-quality aircraft that can satisfy most needs.

 We have rigorously tested 5 DJI drones to make your choosing easier.  This top 5 includes the best drones for various purposes.  We hope that after reading this article you will find what you need.  Well, let’s get started …

 5. DJI Spark

This is the smallest drone of the entire line.  Spark is equipped with an excellent camera with 2x axial stabilization.  It has many automatic flight modes.  Thanks to which you can easily get great shots.  

Basic equipment will cost you around 400 USD

DJI Spark

 7 reasons why Spark fell into this rating:

 1. It has simple controls.  You will be able to control it both with the help of the console and with the help of gestures  By the way, it recognizes human gestures perfectly.

 2. This drone is the best choice for a beginner.

 3. Thanks to the two-axis mechanical and electronic stabilizer – your shots will be smooth and clear.  A 12-megapixel camera shoots in Full HD mode and will make your pictures as detailed and saturated as possible.

 4. This drone is smart enough and has good hearing so it can understand its master’s commands at a distance of 2 kilometers.  And that’s pretty good.

 5. Can accelerate to 50 km/h so you can race this thing.

 6. One battery is enough for 16 minutes of flight.

 7. It supports VR Goggles that will allow you to fully experience the flight.

 4. DJI Mavik Air

 This drone is the middle ground between Spark and Mavic Pro.  There is already an excellent camera that can shoot in 4K and is equipped with a 3-axis stabilizer. Mavik Air shoots videos that are almost perfect and smooth. 

Basic equipment will cost you $800

DJI Mavik Air

 7 reasons why Mavic fell into this rating:

 1. Excellent 4K camera that will not leave anyone indifferent.

 2. It has sensors from three sides that allow it to perfectly recognize your gestures and fly around obstacles on the way.

 3. Flight time from one battery is 21 minutes, you will have time to shoot everything that you have in mind.

 4. It has a folding design and in a folded state is very compact, it can be taken with you always and everywhere.

 5. It’s able to take panoramic pictures.

 6. Has 8 GB of internal memory.  Even if you forget the memory card at home, it does not matter.

 7. Able to fly at a speed of 68.5 km / h.  This is a quick little thing.

This video is shot on DJI Mavic Air and this incredible and beautiful.

 3. Mavic 2 Pro

 This is a more expensive and more professional drone.  The ideal model for those who want to be on top.  It carries a Hasselblad camera, and that already means a lot. 

Basic equipment will cost you $1500 USD

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

 7 reasons why Mavic 2 Pro fell into this rating:

 1. Hasselblad camera.  Even professional photographers will envy your stuff.

 2. Flight time 31 minutes.  This is a big departure from the usual 15-20 minutes.

 3. Compatibility with VR Goggles.

 4. The optimum temperature from -20 to 40 degrees.  Take pictures whenever and wherever you want.

 5. Quick start in 20-30 seconds.

 6. Airspeed up to 72 km / h.  Just imagine the possibilities.

 7. Flight altitude and signal hold are significantly higher than Mavik Air.

 2. DJI Phantom 4 PRO

Here we got to the professional drone from DJI.  Phantom 4 PRO is a model specially created for professional aerial photography.  It is able to climb to incredible heights.  Want to see yourself or your city from a bird’s eye view?  Then this model is what you need.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO

 7 reasons why Phantom 4 Pro fell into this rating:

 1. It is impossible not to mention the outstanding camera: 20MP, 4K \ 60 fps.  What can I say, damn it, this is a great camera.

 2. DJI Phantom 4 PRO easily copes with any obstacles, thanks to its sensors located on 5 sides of the drone.

 3. Flight time up to 30 minutes.  For filming this should be enough.

 4. Easy control even at a distance of 7 km.  It will be hard to lose this drone.

 5. Flies and shoots on specified trajectories.  In this case, you can rotate the camera as you like.

 6. Flight altitude … well, very far.

 7. 3-axis stabilization.  Not a bit of shake.  Everything is smooth and perfect.

 1. DJI Agras MG-1

Well, we got to the most expensive and most technologically advanced drone DJI makes.  This drone is not made for entertainment.  Its environment is vast fields and agricultural land.  It has special nozzles for spraying fertilizer.  The price is significantly higher for this model. 

DJI Agras MG-1

7 reasons why Agras fell into this rating:

  1. It’s the perfect assistant in the fight against pests in agricultural crops.  It has 4 nozzles under the engine that are capable of spraying various liquids 50-60 times faster than by hand.

 2. Uniform spraying of fertilizers saves time.  This is worth a lot in agriculture.

 3. You can set different paths and return to base.  The drone will return to you in the place that you specify.  You no longer have to go through the whole field to pick it up.

 4. Convenient and easy operation.

 5. Drone can lift up to 10 kg.  Small packages?  He can handle it.

 6. This worker is capable of handling up to 10 acres per hour.

 7. The height and time of flight depends on the configuration, but you can believe it’s the best there is.

Here we reviewed 5 top drones from DJI company.  Hopefully we touched all important features of these drones.  We hope that we have not missed anything and simplified your choice as much as possible. However, if after reading this article you still have doubts about which drone is best for you, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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